Losing Weight? There is help...
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The other component in the solution to getting rid of excess pounds is exercise. By incorporating just 30 minutes of a cardiovascular activity into a daily routine, people will not only burn calories but also improve their overall heart health. Brisk walking is a quick and easy way to start exercising today. All you need are some athletic shoes with good support and you are ready to go. If walking is not your thing try swimming, biking, skating or climbing the office stairs on your lunch break.

If the idea of working out alone bores you, why not try a competitive sport to keep you engaged, such as tennis or basketball. It is much easier to motivate yourself to show up for exercise when you know someone is depending on you. For the same reason, it is also helpful to find a buddy at the gym. Maybe you don’t know how to use the machines at the gym. A workout partner could either teach you what he or she knows or the two of you could learn together. There is not just safety in numbers but confidence too.

Some people like to mix up their exercise routine to keep interested. It doesn’t matter. The key is to make time to make cardiovascular exercise a priority in your schedule. Not having time to exercise is not a valid excuse when making fitness a priority. Two recent university studies have shown just getting several 10-minute bursts of activity throughout your day can be just as effective as one long session. So it’s okay to break it up whether it is to squeeze it in your schedule or to avoid burnout.

Building muscle is also an important tool for weight loss. Science shows that muscle burns more calories than fat. By adding strength training to your exercise routine you can help build more lean muscle that will not only help your body burn more calories, but also give you the toned look you see often see in magazines or television. Women are often scared of “bulking up” when weight lifting is suggested. Proper strength training will not make women bigger but will tone and shape the body instead. Remember a well-balanced fitness routine focuses on aerobic workouts, strength training and flexibility.

Tips for losing weight

-Try not to let yourself get so hungry you feel like you are starving by the time you eat!

-Redefine what your perception of a perfect body is! There is a widespread misconception of what beautiful is. Beauty is who you are as a person- remind yourself of that.

-Try to not eat while in a hurry! This takes away from the importance of eating and usually results in over eating the wrong foods.