Losing Weight? There is help...
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If you're like most people, the thought of dieting leaves you cold. In fact, it might downright frighten you. You think, I can't do this. So you don't and spend another day downing those greasy cheeseburgers and adding numbers to the scale.

The truth is that small changes make the biggest and longest-lasting results. There are literally hundreds of ways that you can cut 100 calories from your meal plan today. Try just one each day (or week). Then add another in the following week. As the adage goes, “Progress, not perfection.” Some of these suggestions might work for you. Some might not. It's cool. There's no wrong way to lose weight. The trick is to keep trying!

1) Eat a sugar-free yogurt instead of a regular yogurt.
2) Replace your bacon with turkey or Canadian bacon.
3) Go from regular soda to diet-soda (this will save hundreds of calories a day depending upon how much soda you drink).
4) Steam those veggies instead of sauteeing them in butter and/or oil.
5) Use shrimp instead of steak on your kebabs.
6) Don't hold the mayo. Instead opt for reduced-fat mayo.
7) When making French Toast use non-fat milk and egg whites instead of whole milk and yolks.
8) Instead of fruit juice, eat the actual fruit. It's better for you and has none of the added sugar. (Craving Orange Juice in the morning, why not have an orange and some water? It's a pretty decent alternative!)
9) You can still eat pie. Just scrape off the crust. Savor the filling and you've saved yourself at least 100 calories. (And if you opt out of the whipped cream topping, you've really outdone yourself!)
10) Buy water-based instead of oil-based tuna.
11) Use non-stick butter-flavored spray instead of butter when preparing omelettes and other breakfast foods.
12) A glass of water in the AM instead of coffee or juice will save you at least 100 calories.
13) Replace at least one eight ounce soda each day with a glass of seltzer water.
14) Trim the skin from a piece of chicken for an immediate calorie reduction. Peel after baking or broiling to keep the meat moist and tender.
14)  Learn proper portion sizes. The right portion of meat should be the size of a deck of cards. Carbs should be about the size of a tennis ball, etc.
15) Limit alcohol intake. Most alcoholic drinks are high in calories. If you must drink, stick to red or white wine. Mixed and fruity drinks are way out of your calorie league.
16) Switch your milk. Go from whole milk to skim or 1% milk.
17) Don't bathe your salad in dressing. Try 1 ½ tablespoons or less (and dip instead of dump it on your lettuce). Swap the high-fat dressings, for lower-fat, lite versions of your favorites.
18) Put sour cream, preferably, low or reduced-fat, on your baked potato instead of butter. Salsa would be even better.
19) Ordering fast food? Try a kiddie meal. Forget about super-sizing. Opt for the small fries and small, or regular-sized drink (and go diet whenever possible).
20) Replace the cream cheese or butter on your bagel (or toast) with all-fruit jam or jelly.
21) Poach your eggs instead of frying them.
22) Opt for unsweetened applesauce instead of the sweetened variety.
23) Reduce your standard serving (1/8) of a chocolate cake by a 1/3rd.
24) Thicken your cream sauces with 1 percent milk and corn starch instead of butter and flour.
25) Eat 2/3 cup of nonfat chocolate frozen yogurt instead of 1 cup of chocolate ice cream.
26) Snack on oven-baked potato chips (2 ounces) in lieu of regular chips.
27) Use chopped celery for crunch in your salad in place of croutons.
28) Reduce the amount of peanut butter in your sandwich by half.
29) Make the change from white to whole wheat (not enriched) bread.
30) Have cheese pizza instead of pepperoni pizza.
31) Dip those tortilla chips in salsa and skip the guacamole. It's high in fat.
32) Drizzle light or sugar-free pancake syrup on your pancakes, waffles and/or french toast.
33) Eat the bread sticks at an Italian restaurant; ditch the garlic bread.
34) Prepare your pudding with skim milk instead of whole milk.
35) Put fresh strawberries on top of your ice cream instead of strawberry topping (it's full of sugar). 36) Use fat-free chocolate sauce instead of hot fudge.
37) Replace the regular chewing gum with sugarless.
38) Skip the meat in your lasagna. The vegetarian version has much less calories.
39) Opt for corn tortillas instead of flour.
40) Use reduced or fat-free cheese instead of regular. Not only is it lower in calories – it's also lower in cholesterol and, therefore, heart-friendly too!

Tips for losing weight

-Try not to let yourself get so hungry you feel like you are starving by the time you eat!

-Redefine what your perception of a perfect body is! There is a widespread misconception of what beautiful is. Beauty is who you are as a person- remind yourself of that.

-Try to not eat while in a hurry! This takes away from the importance of eating and usually results in over eating the wrong foods.